Therms and Conditions



These are the terms and conditions



A. Client: the natural or legal person involved in the technical installation

company has ordered it

perform work on it

field of electrical engineering.


B. Electrical installation company: the

natural or legal person, who has accepted the client as referred to under A. or has submitted an offer or offer prior to a possible assignment, is authorized to represent the electrical installation company.






Article 1 - General

1. These delivery terms and conditions apply

on the creation, content and content

fulfillment of all between the client and

the electrical installation company closed


2. General (purchase) conditions of the

client only apply

if expressly agreed in writing

that which, with the exception of this

terms of delivery, on the agreement

between the parties.



Article 2 - Offers, offers

1. Releasing an with or without

quotation quoted quotation, budget,

pre-calculation or similar communication

does not oblige the company to close

an agreement with the client.

2. Offers of electrical engineering

company are always without obligation and can

only be accepted without deviations,

An offer is considered to be in any case

are rejected if this is not within one

month after date has been accepted.



Article 3 - Agreement

1. An agreement is concluded on the

moment by the electrical installation

company a written order confirmation

has been sent to the client, this confirmation

is based on the until that time

information provided to the company by the client.

The order confirmation is deemed

correct and complete the agreement again.



Article 4 - Cancellation

1. The company is entitled to an agreement

to cancel before implementing it

has started.



Article 5 - Price changes

1. The company is entitled to the agreed

price increase if after sending

the order confirmation and for the actual

execution of the agreement

as a result of government measures or

generally applicable measures

increase occurs in wages, social security contributions and




Article 6 - More and less work

1. Extra / less work means al

that which the parties have agreed in writing

in deviation from the order confirmation.

2. Settlement of additional or reduced work takes place

place at the delivery of the work.



Article 7 - Payment term

1. The company is entitled when entering into

the agreement with invoice a deposit

of at least 25% of the agreed amount

amount to be charged.

This invoice must be paid before

start the work. The agreed

amounts and installments must be received

14 days after the invoice date

to be paid, unless otherwise stated in writing


2. If the payment term is exceeded

the client owes an interest

of 1% per month, as well as that of

extrajudicial costs that are at least 15%

of the agreed amount (incl. VAT)

amounts, with a minimum of € 150.00



Article 8 - Term of delivery of installation

1. A period of time specified by the company

delivery and / or installation, unless in writing

and it has been expressly agreed that it

a deadline, only an indicative one


The company has also been agreed upon

deadline, only in default after the

the client gives him a written notice of default

has stated.



Article 9 - Delivery

1. The work is deemed to have been delivered on

the time at which the company notifies this in writing

the client has stated.



Article 10 - Warranty

1. To be agreed during a further

period after completion the company grants to

the client a guarantee for material,

construction, or installation errors which

normal use.



Article 11 - Intellectual Property Rights

1. Unless explicitly different in writing

agreed, the company always remains entitled

on the intellectual property judge

on the designs provided by the company,

images, drawings and models.

2. If an offer does not lead to an agreement

the client must within 14

days after receiving the provided designs,

images, drawings and models without delay

to return to the company.



Article 12 - Retention of title

The delivered installation remains the property of the

company as long as the client already what he

is payable under the agreement

has not fully satisfied.



Article 13 - Liability
1. Liability of the company
under the contract with the contract
provider is limited to the amount of the benefit,
which the company can claim
under a liability insurance policy concluded for this purpose,
or in the absence
from a liability insurance to
the maximum invoiced for the assignment
amount including BlW.
2. The company is not liable for damage
of whatever nature that arose because
the client during the execution of
the order or after the delivery itself changes
in or on the installed system
or by others than the company
3. The client indemnifies the company for this
claims from third parties cause damage
because the client meets the company
has provided incorrect or incomplete information


Article 14 - Force majeure
1. Shortcomings of the company in the fulfillment
of this agreement cannot
these are attributed if they are not too
due to his fault or by law
the agreement or in traffic


Article 15 - Disputes
All disputes related to the agreement
between client and company,
to which these conditions apply
and which do not fall within the competence of the
Subdistrict court judge are settled by
the competent court in the District
in which the company is actually established.
2. Contrary to the provisions of paragraph 1, the
the client and the installation company
to submit disputes to a disputes college
to submit.


Article 16 - Security
client provides a safe working environment, if it is not there then ZichtbaarStroom has the right to pass on costs for the time that the work could not continue.

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