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On-site inspections

Inspecting installations according to the SCIOS Scope 8 and Scope 10, the NEN3140 and NEN1010 are used. These are the Dutch edition of the IEC 60364 series, the CENELEC HD 60364 and some other national standards.

Detect malfunctions in cables, and tracing pipes

Your fault can be determined with advanced measuring equipment. Often it is about long cables that make it difficult to trace, making it easier for you to resolve the malfunction.

Installation construction and maintenance

For creating new installations or changing existing installations. Everything in the field of electricity.


About me

My passion is electrical engineering, after a few years of experience in installing electricity in utility and residential construction, I started to specialize in measurement technology and inspections.


Tracing buried cables and pipes, resolving malfunctions and searching for cables, public lighting, housing and industry and conducting various inspections are the daily activities.


The inspection of installations is carried out according to the SCIOS Scope 8 and Scope 10, using the NEN3140 and NEN1010 standards.



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